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Women@Dior 2021 - 5 kedgers in the programme !

Created in 2017, Women@Dior is a unique international mentoring & educational program that has coached and helped blossom thousands of young women all over the world. The program is a unique occasion to learn what is not taught: self-confidence and to dare for your career destiny. The participants are selected from the best business, engineering, art and fashion schools spanning across almost 25 different countries. Through the educational program, they are trained by inspiring leaders and stakeholders on several themes such as gender equality and women’s leadership for a sustainable future. The Mentees will be guided by their Dior Mentors as they take their first steps in their careers and whilst they build their professional experience. (Source :

150 French students were selected, amongst which 5 students from Kedge Business School :

Axelle, Eva, Mina, Maiwenn and Estefanía are the 5 kedgers who have been selected to be part of this unique international mentoring & educational program !

Take a few seconds to check out their profiles :

Could you briefly introduce yourself ?

Estefanía : I am Estefanía and I come from Ecuador in South America. I am currently enrolled in the last semester of the MSc Marketing and Brand Management at Kedge Business School in Paris. I speak Spanish, French, English, some Portuguese, and German. I love music and discovering more about new cultures!  In the future, I would like to work in the Marketing Department of a big international company.

Axelle : I am 22 years old. I am a first-year master’s degree student in Marketing and Brand Management and I would like to work in the product management in the jewellery industry. I love practicing dance and everything that is related to art or creativity !

Eva : I am a student in the associative management track (PMA) at Kedge Business School in the Master's program in International Business and Geopolitics. My aspiration has always been to try to change things from the inside, proving that as a young woman I could perform the same functions as men, who today represent the majority of management positions.

Mina : I’m a young student of 21 years old, I am a student in the associative management track (PMA) at Kedge Business School in the Master's program and I am specialized in Purchasing & Supply Chain. In the future, I would like to become a buyer in a large company. Last but not least, I am passionate about music and sport, I have been practicing the piano for 8 years now and have been playing tennis in competitions since the age of 4.

Maïwenn : I am a student in the associative management track (PMA) at Kedge Business School in the Master's program and president of the organisation AIESEC.

What was your reaction when you learned that you had been selected ?

Estefanía : I felt so thrilled and proud of myself!  I know Women @Dior is a very exclusive program and at first, I couldn't believe it, then, I felt so happy and grateful for this unique opportunity!

Axelle : I read the email twice, to be sure that I had been selected ! I felt (and still feel) really honoured, fortunate and proud for having the opportunity to take part in this program.

Eva : I was in the car with friends, who didn't even know I had applied for this program. I dropped my phone and started crying, it was tears of joy, they didn't understand what happened!

Mina : I was obviously very surprised and delighted when I learnt that I had been selected in this program of excellence! I am really impressed by this Company which is a symbol of the French culture. Indeed, this Company represents charm, elegance and femininity throughout the world. I really identify with the willpower of Christian Dior Couture to build everyday a better society through all of its actions or decisions. I am thrilled and proud to become a new member of the Dior community.

Maïwenn : I was a little surprised and very happy because I think it is a great opportunity for my future.

Why do you think you were selected ?

Estefanía : I consider I was selected because I share values with the international program Women@Dior. My profile combines academic achievements, international business/marketing & engagement towards sustainable development. I got involved in different associative activities to help unfavored children and teenagers in Ecuador and Brazil. I strongly believe that building a better world depends on young people, so I want to be part of this change.

Axelle : I think my deep knowledge and motivation for this program and my plural voluntary commitments helped me reach this opportunity.

Eva : I think I was selected because the values defended by the women@dior program that are diversity, ambition, sharing, and self-confidence are fully mine and this was apparent in my cover letter.

Mina : I think that I have been selected firstly on account of my clear motivation in joining this program and then because I am fully committed in the associative life of my school campus.Thanks to my deep desire to join this program and as a young manager in my position of President of my association at KEDGE Business School, I think my profile matched the objective of the Women @Dior program.

Maïwenn : I think I was selected because I am involved in student associations in which I took responsability, and because I managed to show my significant interest for the program in my cover letter

What are your expectations in regards to this program ? And, how do you think it will benefit your career ?

Estefanía : I am sure that Women@Dior is an amazing opportunity that will allow me to grow both professionally and personally. I consider this experience will help me to enhance my leadership and to understand better the luxury industry. At the same time, I want to have a positive impact for a better and more equal world.

Axelle : As I would like to work in the jewellery industry, I hope exchanging with my Mentor will allow me to develop a better comprehension of the luxury industry. I also expect to reinforce my competencies such as self-confidence and meet inspiring women (women leaders or other Mentees) to confirm and build my professional path.

Eva : I expect from this program a better understanding of the world of work and management. I also expect a lot of sharing of experiences and stories with students from all over the world.

Mina : I think that I will really benefit from my mentor who will guide me and give me precious advice during one year. (S)He will help me to develop my self-confidence and my ambition in my professional career. I expect that I will build a close relationship with my mentor and that I will learn a lot of things thanks to him/her and to the educational program. I think that this program is not only a springboard for me but for all of young women because everything we will learn, we will have to pass on to the others.

Maïwenn : I expect to benefit from personalized support and to have access to different resources than those at Kedge Business School. I think it will be very useful for my career because it could help me to have more confidence in myself, and also allow me to have professional advice.

How did you find out about and apply for this program of excellence ?

Estefania : I received a general email from one of my professors at Kedge in January. It had information about the Women@Dior program and the procedure and deadline to apply. I was immediately interested on this opportunity and I decided to apply.

Axelle : I heard about this program on the Dior Linkedin page with an interview of a student who was sharing her experience as Mentee.

Eva : I had access to the application thanks to the Kedge associative management program of which I have been a member since January 2021 and I simply sent a cover letter and my CV in English.

Mina : I did not know this program before this year, however as soon as I discovered it thanks to an email from my program, I was immediately seduced by this unique experience.

Maïwenn : I received an invitation from my program to apply by email, and I replied immediatly.

Do you have anything else you would like to share ?

Estefania : I would like to thank Kedge, my professor Dr. Nacima Ourahmoune and Christian Dior Couture for this unique opportunity!  I would like to advise new Mentees to try out unique opportunities like this one and apply! Go for it!

Axelle : I am convinced this program will be such a good opportunity to start our career and will bring us complementary competencies with our Kedge Business School Master Degree. I just encourage every girl to apply for this beautiful program !

Eva : Since we were little, we have grown up with the idea that as women we are less capable, less courageous, than men. I am fortunate enough to be able to say that it is not with these false ideas that I built myself. I grew up surrounded by models of strong and assertive women and am very proud of them. Women@Dior is a program that makes sense to me and that I admire a lot, being part of it is a real achievement.

Mina : I am really thankful to Kedge and Christian Dior Couture for this amazing opportunity and I hope that I will honor it during the entire year.

Maïwenn : Nothing but the fact that I can't wait to start the program

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